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Welcome to – your town’s new online notice board.

Are you fed up going around putting up your notice or event poster on all the shop notice boards???

Yes, that is what we thought too – And this is the reason was started in September 2012. is a community/ business website, and is dedicated to the promotion of every town and villages activities, events and businesses clearly and concisely.  Community spirit is extremely important to the wellbeing of the community and is fundamental to a thriving town or village. Take a look around and notice the towns and villages that are doing well; this stems from the community pulling together, looking at the broader picture, initiating activities and events that entertain and support local families and businesses. At we want to contribute to and maintain this. The notices section has a category called ‘Our Town’ where you can check out your Parish Newsletter, activities at your local Library, Community Art Centres & Theatres and all the news from your local GAA club will be coming shortly.

Localnoticeboard ie is the ‘Go To’ website for information on what is happening in your locality. On you can, not only, access all the private notices such as; ‘Sittingroom Suite for Sale’ ‘Childminder Available’ etc. that are currently being advertised in your town or village, you can also access the current Local Events and Offers that are happening in your town. Also available on is the Local Business section. Supporting Local Business in your town and village will ensure that all the local shops will be there for our future generations. That is our responsibility, so get supporting!

You can ensure that you reach your target audience by placing your private notice, event or business advertisement on It will stay online for 60 days and you can edit or remove it at any time, with your own unique log in information. Your Notice, Event or Business is easy to access for your customers as it is categorised under a variety of relevant headings and cannot be covered up or worse removed altogether, as we know can happen on shop notice boards. You also don’t have to race from one noticeboard to another to pin up your notice as it is all here, it’s a  ‘one-stop local-shop notice-board’.

To advertise your notice or upcoming Event / Offer to everyone in your town or village, just log onto, click on ‘Pin your Notice’, register as a Regular User and follow the step by step instructions.

1.    Register yourself ( My Account)

2.    Add your notice and pictures.

3.   Your Event is now visible for everyone to see in your locality. So Simple!

·         For Business advertising just email and we will gladly assist you to maximise your advert for your target audience. Our business advertising is very cost effective and particularly useful for those who don’t have a business website, Facebook or Twitter presence!. You can now have your Business on a high traffic website without having to dedicate quite a substantial budget and many man hours to achieving same.

Tailor your package. We can design your advertising around special promotions which you may be running. We offer 6 monthly or annual packages and you also have the option of utilising our Banner spaces on either the Home page or your own Town page.

Call today for an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Remember that all Churches, Schools, Charities and not for profit organisations can submit your information or events for inclusion on free of charge.  We would be delighted to hear from them or anyone who has suggestions, information or photos,  old or new, which they would like to see included on their town or village page. We can be contacted at ; Do not delay, contact us today!

Browse through for details on notices and  events happening in other towns around your county. 

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