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Maths Grinds For All Levels!
Publish Date: 04.10.2018 | [ back ]

Price: €20.00

I offer grinds for Maths through Irish or English. I deal with complex maths problems everyday in my course and believe I have a strong competency in the subject. I am passionate about Maths, always have been. I learned Maths through Irish for the leaving cert in which I obtained 90% in Paper 1 and finished with Overall Grade of H2. Before I start giving grinds, I will assess you and find out what you want to achieve. If you want to just pass, I will try aim to get you a H5/H4. Send me a message on this or text message and we can sort out a time and place. There's no harm in giving one grind session a try and seeing how you find it!

Based in Maynooth but will travel to Leixlip/Celbridge/Lucan.

Charging 20€ an hour for one on one grinds and 15€ for group grinds. 

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