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Grinds: Chemistry Kildare/Dublin
Publish Date: 06.04.2017 | [ back ]

Grinds: Chemistry/Biology Kildare and Dublin city centre. Hi, I am a first-year Trinity College Medicine student who is offering grinds in Chemistry and Biology for the leaving cert.

As well as achieving a higher level A1 in both subjects, I got 625 points overall in the Leaving Cert. Outside of the Leaving Cert, I placed in the top ten in the country in the annual Chemistry Olympiad, and completed an Award-winning Young Scientist research Project in 2014.

Rather than simply re-teaching the course, my grinds are exam-focused and cater to individual student needs. My University-Level knowledge of Biology and Chemistry are useful to students attempting to overcome the more difficult parts of the courses and obtain a higher level A1 grade, while my exam technique recommendations and simplified approach greatly help struggling students on any topic.

I am available to give grinds in either Celbridge, Co. Kildare or Dublin city centre. I am also available for grinds in Project maths, French, and Applied Maths. Contact: 087 1304887


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