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Walking your way to Good Health
Publish Date: 08.07.2015 | [ back ]

Enjoy feeling stronger

The best time to walk? Walking can only be good for us if we do it. The best time to walk is the time that will fit best into your schedule so you can do it consistently. If you go shopping bring your walking shoes, pick you safe route and walk with purpose Experts agree -- it is not the time of day that matters as much as finding the time you can set aside consistently for your walking.

Focus on yourself 

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active and it is free!

Walking regularly will:

  1. give you more energy
  2. help you feel good and sleep better
  3. help you manage your stress
  4. increase your stamina
  5. Flexible joints
  6. tone your muscles and burn up calories
  7. strengthen your heart
  8. lower your blood pressure and cholesterol
  9. protect against osteoporosis
  10. reduce your risk of developing diabetes


The way we walk is very important

  • Hold your head high
  • Look forward not at the ground
  • Move your shoulders naturally 
  • Keep your chin parallel to the ground
  • Keep your back straight not arched backward or forward
  • Gently tighten you stomach muscles
  • Swing your arms freely with a slight bend at the elbow
  • Walk smoothly rolling your feet from heel to toe

Use the Slí Na Slante Route or pick your own route but make sure and Be safe/ Be seen

Always get advice from your Doctor when taking on a new exercise


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